Chalcogenide nonlinear optical waveguuides

As part of an active collaboration with a team from MIT (USA), we have explored the third order non-linear properties of GeSb chalcogenide waveguides. This very promising work opens up very interesting prospects for the realization of non-linear functions on a chip. We are particularly focused on the generation of supercontinuum and the production of frequency comb sources for metrology on a chip.

More details: We report the experimental characterization of highly nonlinear GeSbS chalcogenide glass waveguides. We used a single-beam characterization protocol that accounts for the magnitude and sign of the real and imaginary parts of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility of integrated Ge23Sb7S70 (GeSbS) chalcogenide glass waveguides in the near-infrared wavelength range at 𝜆=1580  nm. We measured a waveguide nonlinear parameter of 7.0±0.7  W1·m1, which corresponds to a nonlinear refractive index of 𝑛2=(0.93±0.08)×10−18  m2/W, comparable to that of silicon, but with an 80 times lower two-photon absorption coefficient 𝛽TPA=(0.010±0.003)  cm/GW, accompanied with linear propagation losses as low as 0.5 dB/cm. The outstanding linear and nonlinear properties of GeSbS, with a measured nonlinear figure of merit FOMTPA=6.0±1.4 at 𝜆=1580  nm, ultimately make it one of the most promising integrated platforms for the realization of nonlinear functionalities.

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"Nonlinear optical properties of integrated GeSbS chalcogenide waveguides"
Samuel Serna, Hongtao Lin, Carlos Alonso-Ramos, Anupama Yadav, Xavier Le Roux, Kathleen Richardson, Eric Cassan, Nicolas Dubreuil, Juejun Hu, and Laurent Vivien
Photonics Research Vol. 6, Issue 5, pp. B37-B42 (2018)